Sad tonight

I was at the Iowa State Fair today but when I got home I was talking to my dad and he told me my uncle, his oldest brother had passed away.  So I don’t feel much like writing about corn dogs and tilt-a-whirls.  Maybe tomorrow.

So if you are my brother and you haven’t talked to mom or dad yet I’m sorry you found out like this.  And I apologize to my sister too for the same reason, but I don’t think she ever reads this.

I haven’t seen Uncle B in years but we used to see him a lot when we were growing up.  His family lived in the Chicago suburbs too, and they had a pool.  We used to go to their house in the summertime to go swimming.  I remember jumping off the diving board of their pool with a life jacket on while I was learning how to swim.

The other thing I remember most about their house was the breezeway.  I’m not entirely sure what a breezeway is, but this one was basically a family room. I remember there was a full bar in one corner, and an old slot machine.  Fully stocked and functional.  Uncle B used to give us quarters so we could play the slots and then he would let us keep what we won.

He also used to make us kiddy cocktails.  A concoction that I think was comprised of 7-up and maraschino cherry juice.  He used to make them for us at the bar in highball glasses with cherries on the rim, and paper umbrellas if he had any handy. They made us feel so grown-up.

So I am a little bit sad tonight.  Tune in tomorrow for full report of what variety of foods you can eat on sticks at the fairgrounds.

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