The Hungarian Grand Prix Report

Here are some short thoughts about the Hungarian Grand Prix because I don’t feel like writing a full-bore report.  Too much time has passed.

Felipe Massa made an amazing move in the first corner to pass both Heikki Kovaleinen and Lewis Hamilton for the lead.  Hah!

Unfortunately his Ferrari went Pffft in lap 68.  It was awful. 


Heikki Kovaleinen won.  I was pleased for him because he had been forced to move over at Hockenheim and let Hamilton pass him.  So in my opinion McLaren owed him one.


Timo Glock came in second in the Toyota.  The Toyota!  How fantastic.  From a scary scary wreck in Hockenheim to a spot on the podium.  I am so happy for him.  Toyota does seem to be making some progress.  Finally.


Kimi came in third.  The Princess was pleased.  She is rather fond of Kimi Raikonnen.


Alonso finished fourth.  That’s pretty good for him this year.  Maybe Renault is finally starting to get it together.    At least I would like to think so. 


The latest set of rumors has Honda wooing Alonso.  I really hope he doesn’t go to Honda.  I think he would be better off staying at Renault.  Honda is kind of a mess, they seem to be moving backward down the grid, even with former Ferrari guru Ross Brawn.  And Honda has really really ugly uniforms.  They are even worse than Renault’s, and that’s saying something.

Plus every time he changes teams I have to get a new t-shirt.  And those things are expensive. 


Now we are in the throes of the three week summer testing ban.  The next race isn’t until August 24.  That’s a long way off.  


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