Kansas City

I should write about our trip to Kansas City.  We left on Sunday morning.  After a delicious breakfast at Burger King we hit the road.  We also ended up stopping for lunch at a Perkins just outside KC, but we made pretty good time.

We had decided to go to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum right after we arrived.  We figured it would be a good spot to spend a couple of hours, and a guy Tom knew in Grad School had worked on the new addition.   So we did that bit first.  The new bit buts up against the old bit kind of like the Joslyn in Omaha.  The modern collection is in the addition, and it suits it very well.  I don’t have much more to say about that because I really don’t like modern art all that much.  The walls are made of channel glass, and so the exterior walls let in all this diffused light.  It’s very pretty.

We were walking down a hallway in the old part of the museum when I spotted a painting in a gallery off to the side that had a familiar look to it.  A dark background, one very direct light source, and a muscular young subject looking off to the side.  I said to myself; “that looks like a Caravaggio” but I scoffed at myself thinking there is no way this little art museum in Kansas City has a Caravaggio.  So off I went to take a look, and lo and behold:  It is a Caravaggio.  Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness.  Who would have thunk it?

After a lovely afternoon at the museum we checked into the Embassy Suites, had a swim and a complimentary cocktail and then got some dinner.

On Monday our plan had been to go to the zoo in the morning, them come back to the hotel to hang out and swim in the afternoon before going out to Kauffman Stadium to see the game.   Well, the forecast said it was going to be something like 101 degrees on Monday so we changed our plans.  Initially we were just going to hang out and swim in the hotel pool, but the hotel pool was closed for maintenance!  Horrors!  On to Plan C. 

After a great deal of searching we finally found a museum that was open (apparently Kansas City is closed on Mondays).  It was the Airline History Museum.  We saw some cool old planes including a Lockheed Constellation, in case you know what that means.  They also have a lot of miscellaneous stuff from the world of Commercial Airlines.  Things like old china from meal service, flight attendant uniforms, and my two favorites:  complimentary packets of cigarettes and shaving kits.  With razors!  Can you imagine?  Then we went to lunch at a diner in Union Station. 

When we got back to the hotel the pool was open again (hooray) so we had a swim and then got the bus to Kauffman Stadium.   We met a lot of very nice Red Sox fans in line waiting for the bus.  One of them had recently graduated from our Big U in horticulture and had done and internship at Fenway Park!  How cool would that be?  Pretty damn cool.

Our seats were in the upper deck right behind home plate, so no complaints about that.  Actually this is a very nice ballpark.  It’s a donut, but a pretty well executed donut, with fountains in the outfield, and a human number of seats.  I think it holds about 40,000 but don’t quote me on that.

It was still really really hot so I was trying my best to make sure the kids had enough water.  I didn’t want them to melt on me. It did cool off some once the sun went down so that was a huge relief. 

The kids got to shake hands with the mascot and eat Frosty Malts and generally had a fine time.  It was The C-Man’s first major league game so we are saving the scorecard.  It isn’t Princess O’s first game of course, but it’s the first one she will remember.  She was only about 6 weeks old when we took her to her first Big League game.  The Cubs vs. the Giants in Candlestick Park.

The game was a good game.  The Sox lost 4-3 but we had a great time anyway.  I would say the crowd was about 60% Royals Fans 40% Sox fans.  The Royals fans were very friendly and didn’t get all in our faces when they beat us.  I like that in an opposing fan.  I would definitely go back there.  I will have to check the schedule this winter.


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