Content subject to blackout

OK, so last night I came downstairs to watch the Cubs/Brewers game on ESPN.  It was the Wednesday Night Baseball game.  I had been looking forward to it all day, and I had TiVo’ed the game so I could watch it from the beginning after I put the kids in bed.

I came downstairs, ready to watch my boys, and the game was blacked out.  What?  The games from Wrigley Field are often blacked out, but they are in Milwaukee right now.  So what’s up with that?  We are not a Chicago market.  We don’t get any local Chicago programming except WGN.  And everybody with Cable TV gets WGN.  Does that mean nobody in the entire country can watch Cubs games on ESPN?

Our Fox Sports affiliate is Kansas City for crying out loud.  At least I think it’s Kansas City.  But that’s neither here nor there.  The question remains, why can’t I watch the Cubs? 

In a fit of rage I logged onto MLB-dot-com to investigate the possibilities of MLB game day.  I was reading all the information before pulling out my credit card and pulling the trigger.  I noticed a teeny tiny window that said, “Enter your zip code here for black out information”.  So I did.  And I got this message:

U.S. ZIP code “XXXXX” is located within the home television territory of the following Club(s), and MLB.TV is subject to blackout for all regular season live games for these Club(s):

Minnesota Twins

Chicago White Sox

St. Louis Cardinals

Kansas City Royals

Chicago Cubs

Milwaukee Brewers

The fine print went on to tell me that the blackout restrictions are in effect regardless of whether the club is at home or away. 

Now, I ask you, how is that possible?  How can I possibly be in the home television territory for all six of these teams?  And perhaps the bigger question is anybody anywhere in the US able to watch a live game on MLB TV?  This really sucks.

I just do not understand the logic behind the blackout restrictions.  I am sure they have the best of intentions, but this is just ridiculous.



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