Shopping Bags

The dangers of plastic bags.  Thanks to my sister for sending this to me.  It makes you think.

I have a ton of those reusable totes you can buy at the grocery store.  I am generally very good about remembering them when I am going on a big shop.  Like for example when I am doing the grocery shopping for the week.

I am not so good at remembering to grab a bag when I am just running into the store for one or two things.  I really need to get a little tote that will fold up small and fit in my purse.  I know such things exits.  I have seen them online, and recently I have seen them in the You’re in Luck, It’s a Buck section at Target. 

I think I will have to pick one up the next time I’m there because I really must remember to use them all the time.  It’s a small thing but it’s something.  If everybody did one or two small things, maybe it would add up to something big.


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