RAGBRAI has arrived! RAGBRAI is also knows as the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  10,000 people are in Ames tonight as it passes through town.  That’s right, I said: 






Wow.  That’s a big crowd. 

So anyway, our friends Team G are hosting a RAGBRAI team called Team Veneto.  I am not entirely sure how they got hooked up with these guys, but the short answer is they are friends of a friend who owns a house in Venice.  That must be such a hardship. 

Hosting usually involves letting people use your shower and your washing machine, and either letting them sleep on your floor or pitch tents in your yard.    It also usually involves feeding them. 

Team G saw this as a good excuse to have a party.  We were invited because we were in Rome with them and we can speak some Italian.  There was a lot of smiling and nodding.  A lot of buena sera and piacere and not much else.  And I am faced with the cold hard realization that I really cannot speak Italian very well at all.  It’s very sad.  But on the other hand it was kind of nice to once again be surrounded by people speaking a language that is both vaguely familiar and completely incomprehensible.  I miss Rome.

I have had such a great time today watching the cyclists tooling around town.  It almost makes me wish I could do RAGBRAI someday.  Except of course for the small fact that I do not like bike riding.  Maybe I could learn to like it….nah.


One thought on “RAGBRAI

  1. My good friend Dan actually did this race. He finished too- 7 days on a bike, I can’t imagine. When I asked him what he will always remember about this experience he said;

    ” The chafing”

    This is not what I expected him to say, but apparently it happens.

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