The German Grand Prix Report

I am not writing a German Grand Prix report because I am too angry.  Lewis Hamilton won.  Yippee skippy.  His teammate Heikki Kovaleinen who had been running ahead of him in the closing laps conveniently let Hamilton by.  So I am pissed because clearly Heikki was told to let Hamilton pass.  This is called team orders.

There are not supposed to be team orders in Formula 1.  It is against the rules, but everybody does it anyway.  Ferrari and Michael Schumacher were notorious for it.  In fact, it is because of Ferrari and Shumi’s antics that team orders were banned in the first place.

I don’t have a problem with team orders in theory.  Everybody does it and it is pretty damn hard to win a championship without resorting to them from time to time.  However, Ron Dennis and McLaren have always professed publicly that they don’t use team orders.  That they let their drivers race and may the best man win.  Except of course these days the best man is always Lewis Hamilton.  If that means Heikki has to move over so that can happen, then so be it.

So I am not pissed off about Heikki letting Hamilton pass.  I am pissed because McLaren are pretending that isn’t what happened.  I would like to think they will get busted for this but they won’t.  The FIA has never once enforced the team orders ban since it was instated, I don’t imagine they will start now.


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