Is this heaven? No, it’s Michigan

It is raining today.  This will put a serious crimp in our tubing plans.

The good news is we were out for a long time yesterday.  All the kids took a turn or two and then it was time for the grown-ups. 

First we had to get all the kids back into the boat.  After they were done tubing they had just been rolling off Big Mable and then swimming to the raft our neighbors have anchored in the lake.  We had one adult posted on the raft, one on Big Mable, one driving and one spotting.  The children all started out on the boat and then abandoned ship after their turns.

After all the children were on the raft, it was time for the grown-ups to go tubing.

  • First step:  convince the Princess to get back on the boat and spot so Uncle A and I could hit Big Mable.  She was a reluctant spotter, and is technically too young to do it, but the swamp cop wasn’t on the lake yesterday.
  • Second step:  Uncle A and I climbed onto the raft
  • Third step:  punch it.

Woo hoo!  We were riding couch style so wiping out is a pretty remote possibility and we just flew around the lake.  The princess told us when we were finished that we had been going 30 miles an hour.  That probably doesn’t set any tubing records, but this is a pretty small lake and you can’t get going much faster than that.

And then the time had come for Auntie S and I to go out chariot style.  Oh yeah. 

  • Step one:  herd all the children off the raft and back onto the boat while Auntie S rearranged the towrope.  Uncle A took over spotting duties and dad was still driving.  And dad was a man with a mission.
  • Step two:  try not to swamp Big Mable while the boat is accelerating.
  • Step three:  go flying off the tube while dad drives like a crazy person
  • Step four:  repeat

By the end of our two laps around we had wiped out about four times and we were laughing so hard we could barely get back onto the tube when they came around for us.  I am still sneezing lake water.

I also learned that I need to get a one-piece suit for tubing purposes.  I had a number of wardrobe malfunctions yesterday and almost lost the bottoms to my suit a couple of times.  That would have been embarrassing.

After all that tubing and falling and tubing and falling my arms and neck are killing me so it is probably a good thing that I can’t do it again today.


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