British Grand Prix Report


That is my assessment of the British Grand Prix. 

McLaren’s Heikki Kovaleinen was on pole, and I was thrilled because Hamilton was back in fourth.  Mark Webber qualified second in the Red Bull.  That was Red Bull’s first trip to the front row of the grid.  Unfortunately for Webber he spun on the first lap and dropped way back.  He never did make up the places he lost and finished tenth.  Meanwhile Kimi Raikonnen qualified third and finished fourth.  He would have probably finished on the podium but in his first pit stop they gave him fuel but didn’t change his tires, and he lost a lot of time on worn rubber.  It was too bad because he had been reeling Hamilton in until then.

Alonso started P6 and finished P6.  So not the best, but not that bad.  Ideally of course you want to finish ahead of where you started.  However, he has had a couple of lackluster races so this is better than nothing.  He was running P4 in the closing laps but Raikonnen and Kovaleinen both got around him.  To be fair, he was on very worn tires at that point so that was probably what allowed the two Finns to get by.

Hamilton won which was kind of disappointing for me but Tom was happy.  So now I am sure the British Press will be back to calling him the Second Coming and all the snarky things they have said about him since the French Grand Prix will be forgotten. 

In other news, David Coulthard is retiring at the end of the year.  He is one of the last drivers left on the grid who was there when I started watching back in 1994.  I always liked DC.  He speaks his mind, he’s smart and he has that nice Scottish accent. 

I find it kind of unnerving that DC has announced his retirement.  People online have been saying that he’s too old, that he needs to hang it up to make room for new talent.  Well, he’s younger than I am.  Oy.  This does not do much for my self esteem.


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