Let’s Go Racing!

We went out to the Boone Speedway tonight.  Iowa’s Action Track.  This is a one third-mile dirt oval track in the next town over.  It hosts IMCA races and is the home of the IMCA Super Nationals.  There are stock cars; hobby stocks, modifieds, and front wheel drive races.  I don’t know anything about any of these kinds of racing, but it is always a lot of fun.

This is another example of small town Iowa at its finest.  They smooth out the track with John Deere tractors, and between the heat races and the finals they take kids around the track in an old school bus.  The PA announcer mentioned tonight that he had just graduated from high school with one of the drivers.  They have a special club for the under-12 set called racing rascals.  You sign your children up and they get punch cards.  Then they can get into every race for two bucks apiece.

Sometimes between race sessions they jump those school busses over a bunch of old wrecked cars, but not with children inside them.

Hot laps start at 6pm.  We usually watch that and then get some dinner.  You can have hot dogs, burgers, and slices of pizza, nachos, polish sausages (I find that strange, I always thought those were a Chicago delicacy), and my favorite breaded pork tenderloins.  They are so delicious.  You can get a beer for $3 or a bucket of beer for $9.  And when I say a bucket, I mean an actual bucket of beer.  They are made of white plastic and you can have as many cups as you want.  The bucket also has a lid on it with a pour spout so you can pour your beer without making too much of a mess.

The stock cars are my favorites.  Some of them have sponsors, and are all painted up like NASCAR cars.  Except of course the sponsors are things like the Dutch Oven Bakery, and Ed’s garage.  One of them even had a day care center as a sponsor.  Then there is always at least one car with no sponsors at all and their racing number either spray-painted on, or put on with duct tape.  Tonight one guy had a number 35 marked on his car with masking tape.  I always root for those guys.

There is usually a pretty big crowd but I always kind of feel like we must be the only spectators there who do not have a friend or family member racing.

Some nights we stay all the way to the end, but not tonight.  The children were up late last night for the fireworks and they just didn’t have it in them to go the distance.  We left with a couple of final stints still to run. 

Now I have that Indianapolis feeling.  I am kind of tired and headache-y.  I always get like this after a race.  I first noticed it after the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Indianapolis back in 2000, hence the name.  I am never sure if this is a side effect of sitting for too long on uncomfortable aluminum bleachers, or of breathing in too many exhaust fumes.  Perhaps it is a combination of the two, but it’s always worth it.


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