Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July.  It was a big day around here.  This is small town Iowa and people around here take things like the Fourth of July seriously.

Tom went to the office for a while this morning but he came home at about 10:30.  Then we saddled up and walked downtown for the parade. 

This is a pretty typical small-town parade.  It is full of local businesses and small-time politicians and civic groups.  They all throw candy, so the parade is hugely popular with all the children in town.  My kids got a pretty good haul, and the C-man had an exceptionally good day.  There was a clown throwing stuffed animals and he managed to nab one.  Needless to say Princess O was not pleased.  I told her she could have the t-shirt I caught.  A poor substitute but it was the best I could do.  She tried to take it like a man but I could tell she had her nose out of joint.

After the parade we walked over to Bandshell Park for the carnival.  This is new this year.  They have a couple bands scheduled in the bandshell, food vendors, a beer tent and bouncy houses.  We ate giant pretzels and nachos and then hit the bouncy houses.  There was a giant slide and a couple of obstacle courses.

Our after dinner activities included lighting sparklers and snakes on the driveway.  Snakes are as lame now as they were when I was a kid, but the children find them fascinating.  Tonight we were stacking them up to see how many of them we could get to burn at once.  That was fun.  We still have about half of them left so I’m sure we will do it again tomorrow night.

At about bedtime we all got into to car and went over to the football stadium parking lot to watch the fireworks.  We got there at about 8pm, and they didn’t start shooting the fireworks until about 10.  So next year we will have to remember to go later.  There was plenty to do though.  The kids ran around in the (dry) drainage ditches, and watched other people shooting off illegal fireworks.  They have informed me that they would like to get some of those for next year.  I don’t think so. 


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