More Softball

We won!  Well, actually I didn’t have anything to do with it.  The Princess won, with the rest of her team of course.  It was another exciting game.  The Medics (that’s our team) were leading 4-0 going into the top of the 3rd.  Then the other team came to life and tied it up.  Oops.  When it was our turn in the bottom of the third The Medics scored two quick runs.  Then The Princess walked and represented the winning run on the bases.  Gulp.  She stole second, and then she stole third.  The batter got a hit, and my baby crossed the plate!  Medics win right?  Wrong!  She didn’t slide.  You have to slide into home.  It’s in the rules.  Not many of the umps enforce it, but this one did.  Nuts.  Luckily it was only the first out and the base runner behind her remembered to slide on the very next play.  Medics win.

That win gave them third place in the tournament. Yes, The Medics were playing for third place.  They played on Monday but lost a heartbreaker.  I think the final score was 10-7.  So close.  And of course we still had to play again tonight anyway. 

It was hot tonight.  We were in the shade, sitting still and we were still sweating.  Now that’s hot.

So, our plan was to watch the Princess play then pile into the car and grab some fast McFood and get back to the softball fields before the end of the championship game.  As planned we all piled into the car and drove to our Fast Food Restaurant of Choice after the last out.  When we pulled into the parking lot Her Royal Highness said, “Oh, I left my glove at the ballpark”.  Grrrr. 

Tom took the car keys and drove her back to the fields, meanwhile the C-man and I ate some deliciously bad food.  Tom and the Princess return about 20 minutes later with no glove.  One of the other parents took it home and will deliver it at a later date.  They eat and we go back to the fields again. 

In the meantime it had started to rain and there was a lot of lightning in the distance.  We get back to Softball Central only to discover that the game has been called and the medals have already been handed out.  Nuts.  Her coach said one of the other parents would deliver the Princess’ medal.

Back into the car, and home again.  When I went outside to get the kids swimsuits off the porch I found her medal hanging on our front doorknob.  I put it on her placemat.  She will be so pleased in the morning. 

And boy am I glad that’s over.  I hope she doesn’t want to play in the fall league.


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