The French Grand Prix Report

I should write my French Grand Prix report but I am too discouraged.  Alonso started third on the grid, and the best he could manage was 8th place.  Nuts.  He did not have a good race.

But then, neither did Lewis Hamilton.  He started P13 because of a 10 spot grid penalty and only managed to finish tenth.  So technically he had a better race than Alonso because he went up three places and Alonso dropped five.  But Alonso got one point and Hamilton didn’t get any, so there.

That’s two races in a row where Hamilton hasn’t scored any points for those of you keeping score at home.  The British press has begun sharpening their knives.  I think they are about to knock him off that nice pedestal they built for him.

So the winner is:  Felipe Massa.  Congratulations to him and Ferrari.  His teammate Raikonnen was second.  He drove about half the race with a broken exhaust so a good effort from him to hold off the rest of the grid. 

And the best news of all is that Jarno Trulli in the lowly Toyota finished third.  This is the first podium for Toyota since 2006 (I think).  But of course if you want to know for sure you should check a legitimate F1 news site.  This is just me thinking out loud.

Anyway, Trulli has always been one of my favorites so I am very happy for him.

Next up is the British Grand Prix from Silverstone.  This is my favorite race.  And rumor has it the drivers might boycott the race to protest a recent hike in the cost of a super-license.  I really hope this is just a rumor.  It would suck if my favorite race didn’t happen this year.  And of course, it really is all about me.

I love that they call the racing licenses super-licenses.  I always wonder what they look like.  I mean do they have a big red S in the middle of them?  It would be interesting to know.  


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