I am in softball hell.  The princess is playing in the 10-11-age bracket in the local girls softball league and it’s killing me.  I am exhausted.  I can only imagine how Her Royal Highness feels.

Normally it’s a nice easy season.  There is usually one game a week, and maybe a practice.  The most intensive practice schedule is in April and May and we missed that because we were happily wandering around Rome at the time.

But, as some of you may have heard, the vast majority of the state of Iowa has been under water.  Luckily our neck of the woods didn’t get hit like Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, but we did get enough rain to flood the softball fields, so a number of games got called off.

The league president then had to figure out how to make the games up.  I don’t envy her.  So, we have had a game every single night since Monday.  And last night we were supposed to play a double-header, but our team never got that email.  So we showed up for what was the second game to discover that we had missed the first one.  Oops.

I felt terrible for the other team who came out and stood around waiting for us, and I felt bad that we had to forfeit the game, but did I miss sitting through yet another 3 innings of softball?  No.  And I don’t think the girls cared much either.

Plus with a game scheduled for 5:15 and another set for 6:45 exactly when were these girls supposed to eat dinner?  Just a question.

The tournament starts tonight.  We play at 5:15 and then if we win I don’t think we have to play again until Monday or Tuesday.  Of course if we lose we don’t play again until May.  I really don’t want that to happen but we could all use a break. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter and I love that she loves softball.  I love that the dreaded sucky at baseball gene seems to have missed her, and she is actually pretty good.  But I am so done with this game right now.  And I know I shouldn’t complain, but I’m going to anyway. 


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