Still reading about Rome

I am re-reading Four Seasons in Rome again.  It’s really such a good book.  This is my third time through it.  I read it twice before we went to Rome, and now again.  Maybe I should buy it.  To date I have been checking it out of the library.  But I am hoping after this time I will have gotten it out of my system.

It has been a lot of fun reading it again this time because I recognize some of the places he talks about.  I can see exactly what the author is talking about.  Anthoy Doerr was a fellow at the American Academy, just up the hill from our apartment in Trastevere.

I’m reading thinking to myself:   “Hey!  I’ve been to that fountain, I have ridden in that elevator.”  At one point he mentions being outside the Oviesse in Trastevere and I just about jumped up in my seat.  Oviesse in Trastevere is the home of the Standa!  Standa was our supermarket.  The place where we we got baguettes and those good sausages.  And blood orange juice and red wine in boxes.  I love the Standa!

I must admit I am kind of skimming through the book this time around, looking for references to places I know.  I need to get my map out to look up some of the street names he mentions.  You know, the ones that sound vaguely familiar but I can’t quite place where they are.  I am enjoying myself tremendously.

Meanwhile, I was fooling around on youtube today looking for the usual Spanish TV interview with Fernando Alonso.  I can’t understand a word of them, but I always watch them anyway.  I didn’t find one from the Canadian GP,but I will keep looking.  But I digress.  I did find a long interview with him (long by youtube standards – about 4 minutes) in Italian!  I was amazed how much more I can pick up in Italian versus Spanish.  Mind you, I still really can’t understand a word, but I think I get more of the general overall meaning with Italian.  



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