Packing for Montreal

Tuesday we leave for Michigan and the Montreal.  We are going to the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix.  I am so excited.  I cannot wait.  I haven’t quite started vibrating yet, but it isn’t far off.

I am trying to decide what to pack.  Actually I have all my outfits for the track picked out.  On Friday I will wear my red “Espana t-shirt.  (My favorite driver, Fernando Alonso, is Spanish.)  Then on Saturday I will wear my orange t-shirt and dark blue capri pants (Renault colors) and then on Sunday, of course I will be in my full-on geek Renault ensemble, a Mild Seven (actually “Team Spirit”) t-shirt and matching ball cap.  The t-shirt even has Alonso’s name on it.  I am just such a nerd.

Unfortunately it looks like there is a slight chance of rain in Montreal both Saturday and Sunday.  That means I have to take the rain ponchos.  Drat.  It is very hard to look skinny and cute in a plastic rain poncho.

The real question is what to wear in the evenings after we leave the track.  I can’t wear the same clothes I had on all day because, frankly, they will stink.  Hanging out at the track is a hot and smelly past time.  Everything ends up smelling like sweat and exhaust fumes. 

It’s also really really loud.  I have purchased a fresh package of earplugs and a small bottle of Tylenol.  Both are absolutely indispensable.  I also need to pack the binoculars, the stopwatch and extra batteries for my camera. 

Of course all of this brings me no closer to what to wear when we go out to dinner.  It is important to look skinny and cute in case we see any racecar drivers, especially Spanish ones.  Not that I am stalking them or anything.  I wouldn’t do that, that would be illegal. 

But, last year we did run into a couple of drivers, Nick Heidfeld from BMW and Honda’s Rubens Barichello.  I like to think I look good in those situations.

I’m sure I will spend a great deal of time tomorrow trying on and discarding various outfits.  Poor Tom.  All this drives him crazy.  At least this year he won’t have to put up with me trying to get a spot in the Fernando Alonso autograph line.  I did that in 2006 and 2007 and I will just say that my husband is a very, very good sport.


One thought on “Packing for Montreal

  1. Don’t know if you have internet at all while you’re gone, but my friend Emma lives in Montreal half the time and has family connections to some restaurants. She says:

    “Omagosh, tell her to check out rumi restaurant one hutchison, corner of fairmount, in outremont!

    Or rumi grill on saint laurence near marie ann!”

    Tell him your brother knows Emma. I don’t know if that’ll get you anything, but it might.

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