Water water everywhere

Floods!  Our town is under water.  We got something like three to five inches of rain on Thursday night and sure enough, Friday morning there was water in the basement.  The good news is, we knew it was coming so we spent Thursday evening picking all the toys up off the floor and folding the area rug in half and moving it away from the spot where the water comes in

The fireplace in our living room has an ash pit under it in the basement.  When we get a lot of rain the ash pit fills with water and eventually overflows into our combination playroom/TV room.  This has happened twice before.  Last spring, after the carpet got soaked for a second time, we pulled up the wall-to-wall carpet and now it is just a raw concrete floor with area rugs.

We call the ash pit the human head hole because it is about that size, and when we first discovered it Tom said he was afraid to open the door because “what if there’s a human head in there or something?”  There wasn’t, but the name stuck.

Tom went down to check on things before he went to the gym and had pumped out the human head hole but there was still water on the floor, and the orange rug got wet.  Next time we will have to remember to roll it all the way up, not just fold it in half.  The good news is it has dried up much faster without the carpet.  The bad news is the area rug is still wet.  I am wondering if we can get it upstairs somehow and drape it over the back porch to help it dry out.  Of course, it also weighs a ton right now.

But, in the grand scheme of things, the water in our basement is not so bad since it seemed like the entire town was under water.

Yesterday Stange road was closed, 6th street was closed, and Brookside Park was submerged.  I saw a car in the Brookside parking lot in water up to its windows.  Duff (the main commercial drag) was closed between Target and I think Borders.

I was at Target yesterday afternoon and left at about 1.  There was some water on Duff and it was already closed but it didn’t look too bad.  On the news last night they showed the Target and Super Wal Mart parking lots completely under water.  It looked like the stores themselves were dry though.  Apparently they evacuated the Target about an hour after I left.  Guess I got lucky.

The sports complex where the Princess plays softball was under water.  I am assuming her game on Monday will be postponed.  I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Princess O was at her friend K’s house.  K lives on the other side of town, with a whole lot of flooding between our house and theirs.  It was fine when I dropped her off at 9am, but by the time I had to pick her up, I was a little worried about how I was going to get there.  Fortunately the very circuitous route through campus was still open, so I did manage to pick her up, much to Princess O’s dismay.  I think she was secretly hoping to be stranded there.



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