I am Rome-Sick

So we’ve been home for about a month now.  I haven’t had much to say over here.  My life suddenly doesn’t seem very interesting. 

I have been having kind of a hard time re-adjusting.  It’s reverse culture shock I think.  First of all, the house seems absolutely huge.  Just like it did when we first moved here from San Francisco, leaving our tiny junior one bedroom apartment for this three-bedroom house.  It seemed palatial back then, and I am getting the same vibe now. 

It is nice to have my kitchen back.  With a functional oven.  I have already made two batches of brownies and two batches of muffins.  We have also consumed a lot of bacon since we got home.  They don’t have bacon in Rome.  They have pancetta, which is very delicious, but it isn’t the same.  Nobody does bacon like America does bacon. 

It is also nice to have all my cookbooks back, so I can figure out what to do with all the food at the grocery store.  In our absence a Super Wal Mart has opened in town.  Super Wal-Mart has been interesting.  It’s just a tad overwhelming in there.  For example, do you really need a full aisle, both sides for breakfast cereal?  It seems like a lot.  Standa was small, but it had pretty much everything you needed.  But instead of 10 brands of every kind of breakfast cereal, there would be one, or maybe two.  That was enough frankly.   Right now grocery shopping is taking about twice as long as it usually takes me, and I manage to get about half as much stuff.

It was like that in Rome too.  Grocery shopping took forever because I was constantly trying to read the Italian labels, and really, I can’t read the Italian labels.  My Italian is not that good.

It has been cold and rainy since we got home. It has me pining for the beach in Amalfi, or even just the Villa Sciarra on a nice day.  I hear that the weather in Rome has been cold and rainy too since we left.  This makes me feel a bit better, which probably makes me a terrible person.


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