The Turkish Grand Prix Report

Race Day today!  I have jet lag in the worst possible way, and the Survivor finale is tonight.  So, since I was up anyway, I just decided to watch the race live.


First of all, let me just say how nice it was to be able to understand the race announcers.  And to hear the engine noise.  I love that sound. 


The downside of watching the race live of course is you have to watch the commercials.  I am not used to that.  On Italian TV they have very very short commercial brakes, like one ad long.  And here I usually TiVo the races so I don’t have to watch the commercials at all.  The other advantage to that is you can pause the race if you need to so you don’t miss a single thing.


So, on to the race.  Massa was on pole for Ferrari.  This is the third year in a row Massa has been on pole in Istanbul.  And he won!  I am guessing this is his new favorite track now, because he won from pole last year too.


Hamilton came in second on a three stop strategy.  He was really quick.  But of course that will happen when you don’t have much fuel in the car.  Kimi Raikonnen almost got him in the last laps but couldn’t quite pull it off.  Too bad, I would have enjoyed seeing that. 


Hamilton was second for McLaren and Kimi’s Ferrari came third.  Alonso, meanwhile managed to finish 6th, which is pretty good considering.  Stupid car.


Of course the saddest news of the weekend was the demise of the Super Aguri F1 team.  They finally ran out of money and had to withdraw from the rest of the season.  It’s a real shame because they were so much fun to watch, and they really managed to accomplish a lot with a very small budget. 


Next on the calendar is Monte Carlo.  This race is always very glamorous and the paddocks are full of Beautiful People.  But, it is also a pretty boring race because it is a street circuit, which means it’s very narrow, and there is very little overtaking.  So pretty much whoever gets pole position wins unless something funky happens.  It is not one of my favorites.


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