The Australian Grand Prix Report

Or, how I managed to watch the Australian Grand Prix even though it was on at 5:30 in the morning. 

I started out by setting the alarm on my phone and putting it under my pillow.  But I was afraid that would wake everybody up so I set the alarm on my I-pod and tried to fall asleep while wearing the earphones.  Not the easiest thing in the world.  It really limits the number of positions you can sleep in because it hurts to sleep on your side and have the ear bud digging into your ear.  Not to mention being paranoid about rolling over on the I-pod and breaking it. 

I also had to figure out what time to set the alarm for.  My I-pod is still on Central Standard Time.  So I did the math and set it.  And then an hour later I realized I had done the math based on Iowa being on Daylight Savings Time, and my I-pod has not jumped ahead yet.  So I had to reset the alarm.  Then of course I woke up a bunch of times all night convinced I had missed the alarm.  I finally turned it off and got up at about 5:15.  I got dressed, but I didn’t have the heart to wake everybody up by turning on the TV so I wrote Tom a note and went downstairs to watch on the TV in the lounge. 

When I got down there the front desk guy was asleep in a chair so I tried to be very quiet and turned the volume down very low.  I did wake him up, but he went right back to sleep (I know because I could hear him snoring).  I pulled a chair up close to the postage stamp size TV and settled in.  I got down there just before the formation lap so that was good timing.  I half expected some other people to wander in and join me but I was the only one watching.  Well, the guy from the front desk would check in occasionally once he woke up. 

So my boy (that would be Fernando Alonso) came in fourth.  And he beat Heikki.  It’s not the McLaren I wanted him to beat but still and all it’s pretty good.  Heikki passed him with two laps to go and then on the starting straight Alonso took it right back.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it Ron Dennis.  Of course since then I have learned that the only reason Alonso got past Heikki so easily was because Heikki had accidentally hit the pit limiter button.  Oops.  Well, at least that is what McLaren says happened.  Anyway, a pass by any other name is still as sweet, and it is still 5 points to Heikki’s 4.  And he was in the slower car.  Hah.  Neither Ferrari finished which was unusual.  I will have to see what happened to them.  It was certainly an event-filled race.  The only downside was Lewis Hamilton won.  I don’t like him.

When I got back up to the room everybody was still asleep.


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